Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Need Herbal Tea

Some people may consider I have a very active lifestyle. I would tend to disagree because I find that my floors aren't always vacuumed, I don't play sports and I do enjoy at least 30 minutes of television time a day. In addition, I spend most of my workday hours at a desk staring at a computer.

However, the past few weeks have been a flurry of activity. I've had late night rehearsals, early morning chores and weekends full of planning and preparation for my myriad commitments. I managed to take most of a Saturday in the past few weeks to recharge the ol' batteries. Of course, I really ran down the ol' batteries so I recharged enough to recognize that I needed some rest but not enough to have my life in order.

While still in the normal course of weekday events, I managed to feel anxious all stinkin' day. What did I have to feel anxious about? Nothing really. I've just given my adrenals and my nervous system too much work on a daily basis to calm down. I'm limiting my caffeine and sugar right now so I don't have those substances jacking me up and letting me down all day. I just need to cope my way through the week with herbal tea . . . and lots of it.

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