Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Most Fantastic Acting Class Ever

I really do love my acting class. It's a new school, and they announced to us last weekend that they're going to start having ongoing classes instead of eight-week sessions. Of course, I won't be able to continue with classes until sometime in October or November. My Sundays are just too busy until then.

Last Sunday we did more beingness drills and doingness drills with emotions. We also worked on changing our center of gravity to fit other characters. This was an exercise I did when I studied with this same teacher in his improv class a few years ago. As a dancer, I would change my center of gravity when I did the beingness drills in the beginning. I was very aware of how the weight would shift since I've done so many dance isolations. It was still cool to do the exercise again, especially because I had been thinking about using it with my dancers before we covered it in class.

The neatest part about this new exercise was layering it onto the other drills we'd done. We were all given a location for a scene and had to pull a person that we'd met in prior drills to be. We had to assume that beingness with the emotion the person had when we spoke with them, and we had to shift our center of gravity to match them. Then we had to interact with each other. I chose an elderly poor man who shuffled down the street and was barely alive. I was being him. When other people spoke to me, it was surprising that they referred to me as a girl, especially because I was being this guy. What was fascinating was that my viewpoint changed to match this guy's, so when I was laying on the floor I really got how people don't see the homeless or downtrodden most of the time. It was cool.