Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Crash Moment

I had a busy weekend. When I left for work Monday morning, I had a day of activity around the office planned. I was going to get so much done and leave with a clean desk at the end of the day. I even took a handful of cds with me so I could rock while I got my work done.

I came in and my computer was whirring and clicking. No matter how many times I tried to restart it, the whirring and clicking continued.

So yesterday became the day where instead of being productive, I had to work around the dead computer. I had to use the dinosaur computer to do some work, and that computer takes five minutes to open one business email message. Super. Every time someone would speak to me, it came through my own filter of 'My computer crashed.' Of course, this meant I didn't really hear what they were saying until they said it three times or so. I felt tired, foggy and grumpy, all as a result of the crashing computer.

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