Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Packing Time

Packing for a trip is always exciting and depressing. The excitement comes from the upcoming trip and all of the adventure it promises, whether I'm going to my mom's wedding so I can bump and grind on the hood of the wedding mobile while my older sister videos the whole thing or I'm going to follow the John Mayer tour for a couple stops. The depressing part is having to leave my buddies at home -- Andrew Moore and the two dogs.

I finally started packing today. That's pretty embarrassing since I try to plan things so far ahead and be really prepared so I forget nothing. I've just been too busy. I've packed my frillies, my sparklies, my tassels and shinies. I have a suitcase that's nearly full with fake hair, beauty supplies and music. The new problem is that I have very little space left and I have to pack enough clothes to vary over five days so I don't smell too bad from reuse. Eek!

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