Monday, August 13, 2007

Pole Break

I've been in pole class every week (except Christmas and John Mayer week) for a year and a half. The past month and a half have been really crazy because I had two injuries to prevent me from dancing and I missed a week because of rehearsal.

My play opens in a month. In scheduling 28 people, there was only so much the stage manager could do to be sure I was off on Thursday nights for pole class. As of this week, I'll have one Thursday night off from rehearsal before the show opens, and the show runs Thursday through Saturday nights. I would take off from the master class and take the advanced class (no choreography) on Sunday nights, but my Sunday nights are consistently booked with rehearsals. Perhaps I can return to Sundays when the show opens.

I'm glad I'm doing a play. Don't get me wrong there. It's just that I've consistently had pole classes for so long that it's going to be strange not to be in them. At least I have the pole in the living room to work with.