Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I get my computer back in a few hours. I rely so heavily on my computer that it's incapacitating to have it die. I had a loaner yesterday and made it through the day. Of course, I was still very tired. I got enough sleep. It's probably still the stress of having my computer die.

I feel like I've recovered a little from my Monday crash moment. I was able to stop speeding around my office yesterday to run across the street for lunch without feeling guilty that I would get behind. I also picked up some glue and trim to work on my burlesque bra while I was waiting for them to load the operating system into the computer at the repair shop. I took some time out to work on those things last night and that helped calm me down a little.

I've spent my last two evenings dealing with the computer and the last two nights watching Dr. Who -- the first night through the 'my computer crashed' filter. Things will be back to normal tonight with Andrew going to a rehearsal and perhaps me checking out a new dance class. We'll see what happens.