Sunday, August 05, 2007

Red Is Partly Dressed!

That's right folks. Red Snapper now has hair and a corset. This is the fabric I bought last Friday night and the trim I bought Sunday morning. I had to add an extra panel below my left arm so I could fit it since it was a smidge too small after cutting the pattern based on the measurements listed and using the 5/8" seam allowance they recommended. I probably could've done 3/8" and wouldn't have had to add a panel. If I had done a mock-up first and pinned it to a dress form (which I don't have), it would've gone flawlessly . . . I think.

The trim really matches the hair. I was able to machine stitch the beaded trim and the frills, saving me lots of time and stab wounds in my fingers. I still have to tack the ends down and apply rhinestones, but the corset is complete enough for the workshop. I probably will rhinestone it before I go.

My next challenge is wearing something under the corset. I thought about making a frilly little skirt. I'm not sure about that now. I have black shoes to go with the outfit, so I'm thinking about using the black bra I had for belly dancing that Felicity decided to strip of its fancy fabric and trim. I washed off the glue from the fabric on the cups so it's ready to go. I hope black doesn't look too shocking with the rest of the outfit. There's a little black in the trim and I have black gloves. I guess I'll figure all of that out over the course of the week.

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