Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Great Choreography Experiment of 2007

I've mentioned before that I'm choreographing A Midsummer Night's Dream that opens September 20th in Hollywood. I just got back into dancing (and learning how to dance well in styles I enjoy) last year, so this year I've tackled showing eight other dancers how I want them to move. It's actually gone incredibly well.

The director is a hoot. He communicates well and really works to get his vision. These are photos of us working during rehearsal.

This first photo documents how he told me the girls needed to get even closer to each other with the dancing.

The second photo shows me on the floor, ready to perform. He wanted to see different levels when the dancers were on the floor, so I'm about to demonstrate what they're doing for him.

Here I look like I have strings attached to my feet and he's pulling them. We're talking through something the girls can do to make things more interesting.

Finally, he's telling me how to have everyone exit less dancer-like.

I'm so swift that I go to the girls, mention the correction (that they already noticed needed to be fixed while they were dancing) and the change, we walked it through twice, ran it once and it was perfect. Not only do I rock, but my dancers seriously rock.


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