Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lessons from My Second Day of Camp

I still don't have a lot of pictures I can share. I apologize for that. I can post photos of myself with wild abandon, but since I was holding my own camera most of the time I don't have many photos of just myself. I'm hoping (as is Andrew) that some of the other girls will send me photos soon.

As I mentioned before, the first day was a time of settling in. We did a meet and greet with each other, heard some selections from burlesque biographies, sat around and ate cheeseburgers and s'mores. It was a nice calm evening for me after the flurry of activity leading up to the trip. Of course, my first night of sleep was not as restful as I had hoped. All of the doors weren't closed completely on the cabinets in the airstream, so every time someone rolled over then doors would rattle. Ugh. At least I was warm.

The second day of camp started with a nice stretch and balance with Jo Boobs. I'd really like to get into the habit of stretching every morning so I don't still have things cracking in my body at noon. We did some good stretches before breakfast, being careful to really warm up our necks and backs since they're easily injured. We also learned how to test our balance so we can do it every day in life and before every performance in the shoes we'll wear in the show. I liked doing this, especially since there are days when I feel totally off balance.

After breakfast, we had a class on posing, posture and walking with Miss Indigo Blue. We started out by learning to walk in high heels. The technique we use in pole class is different. In this technique, the knees are kept bent so the weight of the body is still on the heels. We worked on poses for a bit, using each pose to show off our "costumes" or assets. Then we worked on different kinds of burlesque walks.

What came next? Stay tuned.

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