Monday, October 01, 2007

My Newest Dance Class

I keep taking dance classes. They're more fun than trips to the gym to work off the Ben & Jerry's that I love so much. (As I'm typing, I'm eating Sutter's Formula cookies from Trader Joe's right before bed.) I like my pole class with Gabrielle and I've enjoyed the belly classes I've taken. Pilates still kicks ass but I haven't been able to match my schedule up with the teacher I love. For now, I'm taking burlesque classes as time allows. They're fun and some of them have a performance opportunity at the end.

Two Sundays back, I started studying with Lux LaCroix. Sunday afternoons tend to be dead for me (unless I'm in acting class), so this worked out perfectly. Her class is very welcoming for students at all levels. It's great for the ambitious performer-type and the person who doesn't want to feel so awkward in life. Two Sundays ago, we worked on body isolations and spins. This Sunday we did some go-go dancing and kicks. It's perfect for drop-ins, but I signed up for the whole series of five classes since my Sundays will accommodate it. I highly recommend her class for any student who would like to know more about burlesque at any level.


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