Sunday, October 21, 2007


I usually don't get nervous before I perform unless I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'm starting to get nervous right now.

We've been rehearsing a special number for the December 1st pole show (me, Gabrielle and Janna). Since Janna and I are the assistants, we get to dance with teacher in a routine that really shines. Two weeks ago we rehearsed and I had successfully wrapped my mind around that choreography. Last week they changed a lot of it while I was at a wedding.

This number is going to be awesome. The first couple minutes are loaded with tricks. In fact, the first trick is much like the one I was working on in January. It's called the layout. It starts with a handstand then pulling the torso up to a V-sit position on the pole. I banged my Achilles tendon really bad on the pole one night during class while trying to do the handstand that leads into the layout, and it hurt so bad that I couldn't wear shoes with heels for two months. (Gabrielle suspected I had stress fractures.) I hadn't worked on that trick until tonight. Yikes. This means that I'll be working on that trick every night in my living room until I get it, then working on it some more so I keep the new skill. I'm going to admit right now that I'm nervous about doing this trick, especially doing it in heels. Gulp.

The second and third tricks are easy. The fourth trick she wants us to do involves riding down the pole and pedaling. I wasn't very strong with this the last time I tried it. I guess I'll be working on that one in the living room. Gulp.

The fifth trick will either be a barbershop pole (which I haven't mastered), a propeller (which I haven't mastered) or a trick yet to be determined. Gulp.

At least I'll feel comfortable in the trashy little outfit I'll be wearing, even if I am nervous about the tricks. Gulp.


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