Friday, October 26, 2007

Nurse Janna Says . . .

This is a photo of me and Nurse Janna twirling tassels at her bachelorette party.

Nurse Janna is very helpful. For example, she advised our class to not wear panties unless absolutely necessary so we can keep our happy parts aired out. She's Janna-on-the-spot when someone is injured and does her nursely duty to be sure they are set on the path to healing.

Nurse Janna also knows how to do the tricks I'm struggling with. She's in the number with me and Gabrielle. Tuesday night she worked with me on my handstands during rehearsal. I've been doing three to five handstands a night just to try to get a feel for the mechanics of the thing in my body. I was able to do handstands as a youth, but it's been many years since my days of walking on my hands in the grass in the front yard.

Anyway, Nurse Janna told me that she tries to get her butt to hit the pole and goes from there. Last night I was doing handstands against the wall in my living room and I worked on getting my butt to hit. I think that might just make it easier, especially since I'll have to hug the pole in my good time so I can raise up for the rest of the trick.


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