Monday, October 08, 2007

Pammy Hits the Strip Club

My pole teacher came to see my show Saturday night. After the show, she and I went to a strip club with some of my dancers and Andrew. Upon advice of a friend, we hunted for a club that wasn't fully nude because there would be more actual dancing. A Google search gave us the website of what was acclaimed as "the best strip club in Los Angeles." I thought we would see some new pole tricks, especially since there were four vertical poles, horizontal poles and rings for dangling and tricks. It sounded like we'd see some great dancing.

Boy, we did not get what we anticipated. The dancers looked disinterested. We saw maybe four pole tricks in the hour we were there, and only one of them was something I didn't learn yet. Most of the dancing consisted of booty clapping, butt slapping and ass shaking. There was no aesthetic to it. The art form was missing. Of course, these girls didn't have to do much dancing to earn money because the dollar bills were being thrown on the stage and stashed anywhere on their persons that hands would allow. Why dance when you can earn rent money by just smacking your fanny a few hours a night?

I guess I prefer the glamour of the film and television strip club.


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