Sunday, November 11, 2007

All I Want for Christmas

My temporary car is giving me problems again. Andrew did some great little repairs and gave me the keys to drive to a friend's house to deliver a belated wedding gift of a lap dance lesson. As I was cruising along the interstate, the engine lost power. I pulled to the side on the I-5 and tried to get the car to start so I could drive back to Andrew in Hollywood. That didn't work so well. A Metro service truck came by, checked my fluids and offered to call me a tow truck since he didn't know what exactly was wrong.

The Metro guy said to expect to pay between $100 and $150 (gulp), but I didn't really have a choice. The independent towing agent arrived and started loading my car up before talking price. He told me to wait in the cab of the truck while he loaded up the Saturn. As we drove off with the car in tow, he told me it would be $158 just for the tow and $78 for mileage from Glendale to Hollywood. (This is where my heart stopped beating for a good ten seconds and I felt like I was going to vomit. Remember, dear reader, that this car was a solution to a problem.) What was I to do at this point? Hope and pray that when he unloaded the car that my debit card would be approved so tomorrow I can scurry around with banks closed for Veteran's Day (and no car) to cover the tow. Great.

So, what I want for Christmas is AAA. It can be the cheapest membership they have. I had two people after the tow tell me that AAA has saved them before. I could've gotten a free tow instead of an anxiety filled ride where my fingers were crossed on behalf of my bank account.


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