Monday, November 12, 2007

And the saga continues . . .

Andrew managed to get the part that the Saturn mechanic message boards suggested was the problem. The part cost about $14. We had lots of hope tied up in that $14 part. It was secured in a part of the car that isn't easily reached with human hands, but Andrew managed to put it on. So what happened next? Nothing new. That wasn't the real problem. Is it the ignition module? Is it the fuel pump? The alternator? A little gremlin under the hood?

On a brighter note, I rediscovered how wonderful it is to live in such a large city as Los Angeles. I used public transportation all day. I'm still figuring out when to alert the driver that I need to get off. (I pulled the cord three blocks before my stop thinking he'd need that much warning. He pulled right off and I had to walk those final three blocks. Oops.) The ride isn't bad with a charged iPod. I did get nauseous at one point on the Metro, but I think that was because it was almost 5 p.m. and I'd only consumed about 300 calories. It wasn't nearly as frustrating as driving in traffic in the afternoons and evenings. I took three buses and two Metro trips today for $5. That's not bad at all.


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