Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pamela Moore: Creative Genius

It's funny to toot your own horn, but I am creative and I am a genius.

Andrew Moore is directing a play that opens in Hollywood this Thursday. He was asked to direct this play because the producer wanted to see it done with puppets. Of course, after the last two large cast shows with huge sets and crazy costumes, most of the folks in the theatre company wanted to take a break. This left our hero without a costume designer, set designer, sound designer, puppet designer and lighting designer. He had a weary but dedicated stage manager, a graphic designer and his own wits. He's managed to attract a costume designer and lighting designer, but he's absorbed most of the other duties.

Enter Pamela Moore, former scene shop foreman and daughter of a carpenter and painter. I didn't want to do the entire set design because I'm boob-deep in a pole show and have some burlesque shows for which I'm developing numbers. I just finished a huge commitment to the last play. I didn't have the time to put legs on platforms and paint chairs. Nope. But I did volunteer to design and paint the stained glass windows for the show. There are five total. I spent my weekend with my lovely painting assistant and former fairy Jenn painting these windows. (I also got help from former fairy Jessica on Saturday.) Andrew put the "lead" on the windows and they were hung last night.

I'm really pleased with how the windows turned out. We used acrylic paint with soft gel medium on vinyl with muslin tacked behind it to diffuse light. They really look incredible, and I think I saved Andrew Moore some worry by handling this project for him.

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