Monday, November 26, 2007

Pammy a Go-go

I'm dancing go-go at a burlesque show next week. This is the showcase produced by one of my burlesque teachers, Lux LaCroix. I'll do a full burlesque number at this monthly showcase sometime next year, depending on when other debuts are scheduled. I'm hoping to have a naughty and new number ready for that show. In the meantime, I can be a go-go dancer in their show and make a little cash while doing it. Yay!

I have to wear something fun to twist and pony in, and fringe always exaggerates the movements. Lux recommended I visit Iguana Vintage Clothing on Hollywood Boulevard. The fabulous part is that it was a block away from the Metro station so it was easy to get there. I'd never been in this store before. It was fabulous! Tons of vintage and vintage-inspired clothing. I got my purple fringe dress (one size keeps your boobies from popping out the top) for $35 and the headband was $2. What a deal! Last year I paid more than $40 for a flapper dress I found online that wasn't as comfortable or flattering. They had so much stuff. One could visit this store just to find inspiration for burlesque acts. w00+!

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