Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wanna Fanta?

Tonight was my last dress rehearsal before my Saturday night pole show. I had two of my beloved fairies from Midsummer come in to help -- one as stage kitten and one as pick-up artist. One of them snapped pics of me during the rehearsal. (I would've gotten more pics of the other ladies but I know I can publish photos of myself on my blog.)

I wear this outfit during "Big Spender." We started working on this number back in May. We took some time off from it and made some changes when we started preparing for the show. Gabrielle gave us a variety of costumes to choose from for this number. She found things that would be flattering for every body type. Nurse Janna and I selected the trashy Fanta girl outfits. She wanted purple. I was torn between red and orange. The orange one was too similar to the purple one so I got red. I tried one on in the dressing room of a shop right before Halloween so I'd know what size to order. I did some of the dance moves in the dressing room so I would know that it worked.

Yeah, the outfit is cute and looks great when I just pose. The problem is that the skirt crawls up. When we get on the floor, the skirt hangs out around my waist. You can see my little white boy shorts peeping out while I'm doing some upright moves. Of course, there's nothing more distracting than a dancer who is uncomfortable in a costume and keeps tugging at it. I decided downstairs to just let it ride, but when I was dancing Gabrielle told me to pull the skirt back down. Oh well. The number looks great and the dress looks fantastic when I stand still.


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