Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Woe Is We!

Today started like any normal day in the life of the Moores. We packed up our lunches, kissed the dogs and headed out the door to earn paychecks at the ol' day jobs. Of course, that's when our car decided not to shift its automatic transmission out of first gear. This is the car that we're one large payment away from owning. We struggled to get it back the two blocks we drove before it freaked out. Fortunately, I have some work I could do online for my job while Andrew hunted for a solution to our problem.

Fortunately, I was paid yesterday. Of course, that money was supposed to go to other bills. Oh well. Can't really pay those other bills if I don't have a way to get to work. Rebuilding the transmission will cost about $2500. A rental car for the week it will take to fix the car will be $210. They only finance folks with awesome credit, and that's just not something we have. I read something a gal posted online about paying the mechanic $20 a day for storage because she couldn't afford to pay to take the repaired car home. Hmmm. Our decision was to take my pay to find a temporary car that we can drive around until after Christmas. By that point, we should have the big car payment handled and maybe have the money to fix the transmission. We would also gain that second form of transportation that Andrew was so desperate to have.

He's on his way to check out a car now. Worst case scenario would involve us taking public transportation until something miraculous happens. At least we got a day of adventure!

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