Monday, December 31, 2007

My Best of '07

I had an awesome year. I didn't do everything I wanted to do or buy everything I wanted to buy, but I wouldn't trade my experiences. Here's my best of 2007 list (in no particular order with no hyperlinks so you'll have to search my blog to find more details.

  • John Mayer. I was so fortunate. I got to see this guitar master in concert three times this year. I'm always ready to throw on a pair of jeans and a clean JM t-shirt to go see this guy in concert. This year I followed him for two dates and got to share my love of the JM concert experience with my small sister and my 63 year-old dad (one family member per show). That was a wild time. The third concert date was with Andrew Moore, the best date ever. He shares my fondness for JM and a great concert. This was concert #3 for Drew. We had a blast.
  • Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters. We saw Foo Fighters in concert for the first time opening for The Police at Dodgers Stadium. I was a Foo fan before, but when Dave Grohl leaped from the stage and headed for the pitcher's mound I was completely and totally sold. They kicked ass! I hope to get tickets for their March show in L.A. so I can see more Foo. Oh, and The Police were neat.
  • Office functions. This one is a little cheesy. Because I scheduled my office's Christmas party before John Mayer's Christmas fundraising concert was announced, I missed out on a rocking show. However, I work at a great place with neat people. This year we went to see the Dodgers play the Cardinals. We also went to the Getty. Anyone who has followed my blog knows that I love baseball and the Getty. Also, I'm getting my holiday gift from my boss on Thursday -- the iPod touch.
  • Weddings. I usually don't make people's wedding invitation list unless they're family. Maybe that's because most of the people I know haven't found the right person. This year we were invited to two weddings and we attended both. Nurse Janna's wedding was a beautiful blowout bash. I helped throw her bachelorette pole party. Andrew and I had so much fun. Marina's wedding was more low-key and intimate. It was really lovely and we had a nice time. It's always great to see people take the plunge. I have high hopes for both couples. They all know how to party.
  • Pole. I think I learned my ten new tricks this year, including the layout from a handstand. That one was the toughest but I got it. I don't know that I'd perform it every day. I was able to incorporate pole into A Midsummer Night's Dream. I helped a lot of girls gain confidence and learn some pole this year. Our Holiday Shake was better than last year. I'm very fortunate to have such an amazing teacher as Gabrielle and the ability to hone this special skill.
  • Burlesque. I had so much fun at camp and I learned so much. I took a few classes and workshops and gained so much data about this industry. I've made friends and even inspired a few chicks. I think this will become an even bigger part of my life next year.
  • Being paid as a dancer. I like getting actor money. That's pretty awesome. I also like getting dancer money. I hope this trend continues into the new year, and I hope the frequency and amount increases.
So, that's it. Those were my best experiences for 2007. I'm eager to see what kind of wackiness will ensue next year.

Friday, December 28, 2007


I've noticed that while developing a skill, rehearsing a role, practicing a routine, the gains and improvements are exponential. The first attempts may be bold and dedicated but aren't quite up to par. As time passes, the gains are greater and they come faster.

I realized this last night as I worked on my routine for next Thursday. Now that I have a basic routine down and I know where my clothes will come off, I can start adding precise moves to the mix. I can work on having nice arm poses and breathing. I can also easily ditch props that don't work and deal with costume malfunctions. This is good since the show is next Thursday.

(By the way, this isn't the monkey wrench costume. This is just the live burlesque photo of the costume I wore in the Holiday Shake. There will be monkey wrench photos later.)


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I watched my footage from the Holiday Shake. Andrew taped me in the dress rehearsal. I'm very cute and will post some footage in a few days.

There are people I know who can't watch themselves on video. I'm not one of those people. I love watching myself. But I didn't watch the videos entirely out of vanity. I watched them because I have a burlesque show in a little more than a week and I needed to see what I looked like during my burlesque number so I could make stylistic improvements before my next performance. It was very educational. I recommend that all performers watch themselves objectively on video for the same purpose . . . and because there's nothing wrong with a little vanity.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Happy!

This is the winning holiday card. Who knows what we'll come up with for next year.

I guess this technically qualifies as boudoir photography?


Sunday, December 23, 2007

In Training

I've had a bit of a lazy holiday weekend. I'm going to work for part of the day tomorrow so I don't lose two full days of income. Besides, I have a lot of year-end things to do.

Besides the house cleaning and lounging I've done this weekend, I also worked on my new burlesque costume and routine for the January 3rd show. The song I'm using is a bit longer than the one I used for the Holiday Shake. I have 3:51 to fill with dancing. It's a faster song, so I have to resist the urge to dance fast through the entire song so I don't pass out right after. I think I'll work on the build and climax of the song today.

My costume is a bit different. I'm wearing a coverall that's covered in pink trim. I have some bits to peel off, but the coverall is a challenge. It's not form fitting at all. I have to figure out how to best use it in the routine. Every routine presents a challenge of some sort. This one is a little of music and a little of costume. At least I have a little more than a week to figure it all out.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Makes Me Happy

As an inhabitant of this planet, I endure a lot of stress. I have two careers that I'm trying to get off the ground, and I have a day job so I can afford a life while I work on those careers. I just survived a month of carless (yet expensive) transportation hell. I could always use more money. But no matter how bad a day Andrew or I will have, we always come home to two dogs who are happy to see us.

Today is Felicity's second birthday. I have a hard time believing that she's actually two years old today. She was the tiniest dog when we bought her, and she was supposed to be two months old. Of course, she was also supposed to be a dalmatian puppy. I'm sure she has dalmatian blood, but she's no pureblood like Piper.

Some days it's really hard to leave these warm dogs for work.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

More From the Show

I have so many photos from the show that I started creating a print-on-demand photo album. Of course, that's when one of my friends emailed me over 700 photos from the show. Eek! I guess I'll do a little revamping since these new photos are incredible.

In the meantime, this is a photo from our finale. We danced with chairs and poles to "Mein Herr" from Cabaret. You can see Nurse Janna by me in the photo. We wore men's oxfords (mine was way too big because I bought it for the show in the smallest size I could find), stretchy black belts (mine was a 2x that Janna got as a spare for $5 that was so big it didn't stretch at all when I tried to use it to secure my shirt), and cute little Aphrodite panties. The show panties were special edition panties, but there's plenty of Aphrodite merch available here.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Card Teaser

We shot our Christmas card last Sunday. I picked up the postcards yesterday and they look awesome!

Of course, this is not the Christmas card. We three girls winged up this year for the card. I shot 73 pictures to come up with the winning photo. I thought this would give a good taste of what our Christmas card photo shoots are like. You see, I get everyone dressed and Andrew and I set the scene. Last year we used the pole in the living room. After makeup, glitter, and camera positioning, we get everyone into the room and try really hard to set up the timer so we have enough time to catch both dogs, pose them and smile. They don't care that the camera is rolling, hence 73 pictures.

I love this shot. This was still early in the process on Sunday. We used natural lighting this year. Andrew was propped up in the bed with my giant teddy bear. Piper tried to get under the covers because that's what she does when someone is in bed. I ran from the camera to the headboard to position myself but Felicity was doing something else. I cooed at her and she pounced me. Andrew didn't want her to lick him in the eye so you can see him defending himself. This explains all the blurs in the photo.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Celebrating the Holidays

I've been severely under the weather all week. (I say "severely" because I rarely get sick. When I do get sick, I feel like I'm dying compared to every other day.) I missed a day of work and have gone to bed most nights around 9 PM. Last night Andrew and I decided to go do something fun.We saw the Lord. Victory Variety Hour had a special holiday edition of their burlesque review. Jewel of Denial (who taught the burlesque workshop I took in July that generated the You Tube video) demonstrated the Holy Conception and virgin birth. Lux LaCroix (my recent teacher whose showcase I go-go danced at last week) did a junkie Christmas. She was also gelt in a Jewish holiday number with Penny Starr, Jr. as a dreidel. Anna Bells danced with a Christmas tree. Dizzy Von Damn showed us the true meaning of "Small Wonder." Lucy Fur twirled and twirled. Kat Bardot warbled out a Notorious B.I.G. song to a Christmas tune. Reverend Tommy Gun lifted a cinder block with his earrings and cut a fruitcake that was in his mouth with a chainsaw. It was awesome! I highly recommend catching any of the Victory Variety Hour shows.

Andrew and I love going to El Cid for these little burlesque shows. They have tasty tapas and it's a cute performance space. I caught a flying "Jesus Loves Me" bracelet during the show and Jesus walked by and gave me a stigmata from his own hand. I usually don't have alcohol, but I've been trying to break up my croup and fall asleep lately with hot toddies. Last night, however, I had whiskey and Shirley Temples.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Some Dancers"

I found this photo in a myspace photo album of a band that played at The Scene last Thursday. The caption was "Some dancers."

Wow. I made a stranger's myspace photo album!


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pammy a Went-Went

My go-go gig was Thursday night. It was awesome! I slapped on some huge fake lashes, my purple shimmy dress and some leather boots and shook my butt between sets. I even put my Red Snapper alligator necklace and bangle bracelets from my old belly dance costume to use.

The venue is a place called The Scene in Glendale. They usually play punk music the first Thursday of the month in between the burlesque sets, but this month they had rock bands instead. The bands were sandwiched between clusters of burlesque acts. Buttonwillow and I danced between sets when the bands were moving their equipment. (This is a photo of me and Buttonwillow. She's debuting in March, probably with a different name.)

The lovely and charming Ruby White and Lux LaCroix are the hostesses of this monthly shindig. I'm doing a burlesque number there for the January show. It's so fun. And I got paid!

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Where to Begin?

Last night's show was amazing. The studio was packed with a fantastic crowd. Andrew shot some footage of the tech rehearsal so I'll share what I can after I review and upload it.

In the meantime, these are some photos of Nurse Janna, Gabrielle and me doing the opening number, "Nasty Naughty Boy" by Christina Aguilera.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Show Day!

Today is the big day. I spent an hour last night washing costume bits and repairing other bits after I watched Andrew's play. I got up early this morning to take Andrew to school, then I started my day's preparation. There was shopping for last minute bits, laundering of machine washable costume pieces, gift purchasing and list making. I have a tech/dress rehearsal at 5 PM. Andrew has to be there at 4 PM to help set up. I don't think I'll have a chance to rest until tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, here is a photo of the first part of the really difficult trick. Once I get my legs around, I squeeze and sit up. We'll see if we can get some actual footage of that to post. (It depends on how the footage turns out and how the other dancers feel about me posting it.)

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