Friday, December 14, 2007

Celebrating the Holidays

I've been severely under the weather all week. (I say "severely" because I rarely get sick. When I do get sick, I feel like I'm dying compared to every other day.) I missed a day of work and have gone to bed most nights around 9 PM. Last night Andrew and I decided to go do something fun.We saw the Lord. Victory Variety Hour had a special holiday edition of their burlesque review. Jewel of Denial (who taught the burlesque workshop I took in July that generated the You Tube video) demonstrated the Holy Conception and virgin birth. Lux LaCroix (my recent teacher whose showcase I go-go danced at last week) did a junkie Christmas. She was also gelt in a Jewish holiday number with Penny Starr, Jr. as a dreidel. Anna Bells danced with a Christmas tree. Dizzy Von Damn showed us the true meaning of "Small Wonder." Lucy Fur twirled and twirled. Kat Bardot warbled out a Notorious B.I.G. song to a Christmas tune. Reverend Tommy Gun lifted a cinder block with his earrings and cut a fruitcake that was in his mouth with a chainsaw. It was awesome! I highly recommend catching any of the Victory Variety Hour shows.

Andrew and I love going to El Cid for these little burlesque shows. They have tasty tapas and it's a cute performance space. I caught a flying "Jesus Loves Me" bracelet during the show and Jesus walked by and gave me a stigmata from his own hand. I usually don't have alcohol, but I've been trying to break up my croup and fall asleep lately with hot toddies. Last night, however, I had whiskey and Shirley Temples.


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