Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Card Teaser

We shot our Christmas card last Sunday. I picked up the postcards yesterday and they look awesome!

Of course, this is not the Christmas card. We three girls winged up this year for the card. I shot 73 pictures to come up with the winning photo. I thought this would give a good taste of what our Christmas card photo shoots are like. You see, I get everyone dressed and Andrew and I set the scene. Last year we used the pole in the living room. After makeup, glitter, and camera positioning, we get everyone into the room and try really hard to set up the timer so we have enough time to catch both dogs, pose them and smile. They don't care that the camera is rolling, hence 73 pictures.

I love this shot. This was still early in the process on Sunday. We used natural lighting this year. Andrew was propped up in the bed with my giant teddy bear. Piper tried to get under the covers because that's what she does when someone is in bed. I ran from the camera to the headboard to position myself but Felicity was doing something else. I cooed at her and she pounced me. Andrew didn't want her to lick him in the eye so you can see him defending himself. This explains all the blurs in the photo.

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