Monday, December 31, 2007

My Best of '07

I had an awesome year. I didn't do everything I wanted to do or buy everything I wanted to buy, but I wouldn't trade my experiences. Here's my best of 2007 list (in no particular order with no hyperlinks so you'll have to search my blog to find more details.

  • John Mayer. I was so fortunate. I got to see this guitar master in concert three times this year. I'm always ready to throw on a pair of jeans and a clean JM t-shirt to go see this guy in concert. This year I followed him for two dates and got to share my love of the JM concert experience with my small sister and my 63 year-old dad (one family member per show). That was a wild time. The third concert date was with Andrew Moore, the best date ever. He shares my fondness for JM and a great concert. This was concert #3 for Drew. We had a blast.
  • Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters. We saw Foo Fighters in concert for the first time opening for The Police at Dodgers Stadium. I was a Foo fan before, but when Dave Grohl leaped from the stage and headed for the pitcher's mound I was completely and totally sold. They kicked ass! I hope to get tickets for their March show in L.A. so I can see more Foo. Oh, and The Police were neat.
  • Office functions. This one is a little cheesy. Because I scheduled my office's Christmas party before John Mayer's Christmas fundraising concert was announced, I missed out on a rocking show. However, I work at a great place with neat people. This year we went to see the Dodgers play the Cardinals. We also went to the Getty. Anyone who has followed my blog knows that I love baseball and the Getty. Also, I'm getting my holiday gift from my boss on Thursday -- the iPod touch.
  • Weddings. I usually don't make people's wedding invitation list unless they're family. Maybe that's because most of the people I know haven't found the right person. This year we were invited to two weddings and we attended both. Nurse Janna's wedding was a beautiful blowout bash. I helped throw her bachelorette pole party. Andrew and I had so much fun. Marina's wedding was more low-key and intimate. It was really lovely and we had a nice time. It's always great to see people take the plunge. I have high hopes for both couples. They all know how to party.
  • Pole. I think I learned my ten new tricks this year, including the layout from a handstand. That one was the toughest but I got it. I don't know that I'd perform it every day. I was able to incorporate pole into A Midsummer Night's Dream. I helped a lot of girls gain confidence and learn some pole this year. Our Holiday Shake was better than last year. I'm very fortunate to have such an amazing teacher as Gabrielle and the ability to hone this special skill.
  • Burlesque. I had so much fun at camp and I learned so much. I took a few classes and workshops and gained so much data about this industry. I've made friends and even inspired a few chicks. I think this will become an even bigger part of my life next year.
  • Being paid as a dancer. I like getting actor money. That's pretty awesome. I also like getting dancer money. I hope this trend continues into the new year, and I hope the frequency and amount increases.
So, that's it. Those were my best experiences for 2007. I'm eager to see what kind of wackiness will ensue next year.

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