Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pammy a Went-Went

My go-go gig was Thursday night. It was awesome! I slapped on some huge fake lashes, my purple shimmy dress and some leather boots and shook my butt between sets. I even put my Red Snapper alligator necklace and bangle bracelets from my old belly dance costume to use.

The venue is a place called The Scene in Glendale. They usually play punk music the first Thursday of the month in between the burlesque sets, but this month they had rock bands instead. The bands were sandwiched between clusters of burlesque acts. Buttonwillow and I danced between sets when the bands were moving their equipment. (This is a photo of me and Buttonwillow. She's debuting in March, probably with a different name.)

The lovely and charming Ruby White and Lux LaCroix are the hostesses of this monthly shindig. I'm doing a burlesque number there for the January show. It's so fun. And I got paid!

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