Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Getting Back in the Game

I haven't been as busy as an actor over the past several months. Part of it is that I don't want to work for free any more. I no longer submit myself for roles that don't pay, even if they say the pay is deferred. I worked on that one skater film a year and a half ago and was supposed to be paid but never got a check. Why borrow trouble?

I had one headshot left just before Christmas so I went out and got more. This time I got smiley pictures reprinted. I met with a manager in November and he suggested I use a picture that's a little less serious. Done. I still need to pay to upload it to my casting websites, but I have hard copies. (At least I have something to take with me to auditions.) I've been more active on my submissions. There are a handful of jobs out there, even though the writers' strike is hardly over.

Last Friday I actually had an audition. In fact, I got to audition in my underwear for some burlesque/James Bond girl thing. They're shooting Friday so I figure that if I hear nothing by tomorrow then they just didn't want such a white girl. I learned from the session director that they didn't see very many girls compared to their usual casting calls. He said that always happens when they ask for auditionees to come in wearing only their undergarments or swimsuits. Boy, did I learn a valuable lesson. ALWAYS be willing to audition in my skivvies.

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