Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Monkey Wrench Costume!

I've finished my Monkey Wrench costume (as much as it will be finished before tomorrow night's show). I'll share pics and costume secrets with you.

The idea for this number was the offspring of my Tilt monkey hat (pictured) and my love of the Foo Fighter's song "Monkey Wrench." The rest of the idea blossomed from there. My outer layer is a coverall with some of the same trim you see on the bra and panties. I wear moc Crocs from Target (cheap) and mechanic's gloves when the number opens. I may post photos of those on another day.

The bra was from Target. It was about $10. I bought it because we were going to have a craft session in my burlesque class. (This was started with one teacher who blew town and has been kindly taken over by a few local burlesquers who want to properly apprentice the orphans left by the other chick.) We didn't get around to the crafting in class so the bra and matching $6 panty sat on my desk for a few weeks before they found their purpose. I bought the trim at Michael Levine downtown. There's beaded fringe along the bottom of the front. I covered the top of the fringe with some fuzzy, sequined trim. The top of the bra back has $2 a yard fringe that moves nicely when I shimmy and shake. The tops of the cups have a row of $3 a yard beaded fringe that's not as heavy as the bottom fringe and seems to reflect more light. The cups are decorated with Swarovski crystals in two sizes and shades. I decorated bits of the trim, the bra straps and the clasp with extra crystals. I think the bra is the most expensive part of the costume just because of all of the trim and crystals. Some of the bits were attached with hand stitching, others with Fabri-Tac or Gem-Tac.

The panties don't have any added trim along the top. Instead, I made a cheap shimmy belt out of double-sided satin ribbon, $2 plain fringe and $3 a yard beaded fringe. I layered and glued the fringe on and embellished the ribbon with Swarovski crystals. The great thing about a shimmy belt is that it can be used with other costumes. It ties up in a nice little bow in back. (Note: Blue long-sleeve tee and pink "safety" panties shown are also from Target.) I pin the center front and back bow to the panties so it doesn't shimmy right off.

Then we have the panties. Since I have a rockin' ass, I have the junk in the trunk to carry off a fully panty onstage with ease. I took two strands of $8ish a yard beaded fringe and attached them to the center front and center back of the panty. They drape nicely over my legs and add more movement when I shimmy and shake. I took the pink bows from a pair of stockings I got for the Holiday Shake that stained when I washed them (the stockings, not the bows). I stitched one on each hip, put a rhinestone in the center of each one and another rhinestone above. I stretched out the back of each leg and machine stitched some $3 a yard beaded fringe on for added oomph. I think this really makes the panty. I also put some rhinestones on the front in an effort to dress it up a little more. Of course, I didn't have the panties on so I put them a little too low to see them in the photo.

I keep getting better at making costumes for myself. What will the end of January hold?

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