Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Much Happiness

I know I complain from time to time about having a day job. I'm pretty happy with the job I have. Sometimes it's really challenging, sometimes it's nice and boring. (Right now it's a little frustrating, but I there are definite positives.)

My Christmas present from my boss was the new iPod Touch. It holds music, video, photos and can link up to the internet if I can ever stop at a place with free wireless and figure out how to connect up. I got it in the mail last Friday and I've had so much fun with it. I ordered a leather carrying case for it today so it doesn't get dinged up. It's a great alternative to the iPhone, especially since I just signed up for two more years with my current cell phone provider and I hate AT&T.

I can't wait to add more videos. In the photo I have "Who Did You Think I Was?" by John Mayer Trio playing. My plan is to load up my old iPod Nano with tunes and mail it to my dad. He'll be the hippest old coot on the block.

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