Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Debut at The Scene

Thursday night was my burlesque debut at The Scene in Glendale. My frilly knickers were displayed in the last post. I go-go danced at there in December. There were three totally new but equally loud bands that played this month.

I was the first dancer in the last set. I got there a half hour before the promoted start time so I could test out my mechanic's creeper on the carpeted stage and so I could find the best lighting before my performance. This meant I had plenty of time to hang out with friends before I had to get ready. It seems like the bands always play longer than their allocated 30 minute sets, so I had more than enough time to dress and add extra glitter before going on. I had three copies of my music in case anything went wrong with the CD for the show. I had my diagram of my "set" for the go-go girls to set up along with a list of the bits they'd have to collect at the end. I even had napkins handy to clean up the frosting "grease" after my final reveal. I was so well prepared that there wasn't a bit of nervousness.

My number went off without a hitch. It was fantastic fun. Andrew had the camera but the flash was off and I moved so damn fast that the shots are all dark and blurry. But we wouldn't end the night without a photo. Since Andrew and I didn't get a photo together after the last Holiday Shake or after my go-go dancing, we popped into the photo booth at the bar and shot this strip of photos to commemorate the occasion.

I'm dancing at 3 Clubs on January 28th to a totally different song, then I'm back at The Scene for my birthday on February 7th. I'm trying to conceive a number that incorporates birthday cake.


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