Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No Mo' Mojo

I've been so tired lately. I've really fallen down on my blogging as a result. I think part of it is the stresses of work. This January has been a bit more difficult than other years at this job. I'm waiting for my financial ship to come in, complete with many doubloons (bonuses). I expect that to happen any day now.

Waiting for the financial ship to come in at work adds stresses and strains at home. I've had to be more careful with my money and think more about futures. ('If I spend $6 on this cake today, then how will I get a little bag of dog food tomorrow?') The positive part is that it's enforcing greater responsibility with my pocketbook. The negative part is that I really like to spend money.

It's also been difficult to afford some of the things I need for my art. I have two costumes that really need to be trimmed, but $9 grosses of rhinestones and $3 yards of beaded trim really add up. Considering the fact that $10 gets me little more than a quarter tank of gas, I have to be sure I spend wisely. I haven't been able to get Foo Fighters tickets yet either.

Of course, the great thing is that I haven't been able to afford as much take-out or convenience foods. I've lost the five pounds of holiday chocolates and fairy cookies over the past week. I really like that part. But I must admit, I'm really looking forward to going out and being really irresponsible with a good hundred dollars or two and coming home with an armful of sweaters, makeup and Swarovski crystals.


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