Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Place for my Stuff

This is an artistic (meaning underexposed) photo from my debut at The Scene. It's a fun place to perform, but the stage lighting is lacking. I had to perform in a small area on the stage where I could feel the light on my face, and if I moved slightly then I was unlit. It's also an action shot. I should take a sports photographer along since I shimmy so damn much.

This is a number I'll perform again and again. However, I don't have any plans to pull it out again until March. This means I have to remove the creeper from my car and find a safe place to store it. I also have the wrench, grease can, and several costume bits. My closet isn't big enough to hold all of this stuff unless I get rid of some things.

I have two complete costumes now. I still have all of the bits from "Baby, It's You" that I performed at the Holiday Shake. I may alter the skirt, but I won't be performing this number until March at the soonest. I have these pieces hanging in my closet (pasties eaten by Felicity so replacements are in progress). The problem with hanging them in the closet -- besides the space issue -- is that pieces can easily fall off the hanger.

I have space issues for my clothing. (Yes, I recognize this is a problem for most girls but let me finish.) My lingerie for hosting pole parties fills an entire drawer in my dresser. I have a box full of costume bits from dance shows that's overflowing. I don't have my costumes for my next two numbers completely pieced together. I have boas and fans overtaking my home office and pasties on my desk.

Maybe I should go to Ikea and get another dresser or two.

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