Monday, January 14, 2008

Sick Day Ten Minute Makeover

I had butt flu most of the day today. I still managed to work. I got some things done when I got home, but illness tends to make one more indolent. That's when I decided to do a ten minute makeover.

We had a makeup artist in my Saturday burlesque class who gave us some handy tips on corrective makeup and stage makeup. The picture to the right shows me after a long day of work and butt flu -- runny eye makeup, surprise blemish showing and the true pasty nature of illness coming through. The Tigger sweatshirt completes my frumpy homebody look.

I did a fresh coat of liquid foundation to make me look less pasty. Then I mixed yellow corrective stick in a dish with some concealer and applied it to those lovely bags (and runny eye makeup) under my eyes. (Note: The packaging for the colored corrective sticks said to apply the color to the area in need of correction first. Then one was to cover that with concealer after the color was neutralized. In my experience, the color was never neutralized doing this. The makeup artist gave us the tip to mix a little of the colored corrective stick as I did and apply it like that. The shade that is mixed by doing this should still be fleshy.) I mixed green corrective stick with the concealer and applied that to the surprise blemish. After a little powder, my skin looked flawless.

I explained my next burlesque number to the makeup artist on Saturday to get her feedback on my makeup styling for that piece. In addition to highlighting my brow bone and cheekbones with glitter, she advised me to use pink and white glittery eyeshadow. (I have neither so I faked it with champagne and blush.) I didn't apply any eyeliner or false lashes since I didn't want to have to peel them off before hopping in the shower. I put blush and a pink, glittery highlighter on the apples of my cheeks. I darkened my brows a little. The final touch was making my lips overdrawn. (She told me to use pink liner, lipstick and gloss for the show. I only have nude lip liner currently and my lipsticks are not really pink.) The look will be fabulous on stage, but it looks a little strange in person. Of course, everything is exaggerated on the stage.

I do look a lot healthier with a fresh coat of makeup. I learned a lot from Eva about doing stage makeup and even having flawless daily makeup. And I managed to keep myself distracted from the butt flu for ten minutes.


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