Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Surprise Gig

I made my debut on the 3 Clubs stage at Monday Night Tease. I love this venue. There's a decent thrust stage, good lighting, and the backstage area (kitchen) was filled with dancers only.

After our curtain call Monday night, I wound up talking to everybody. I met someone who is making a burlesque documentary and wants to speak with me. I met someone who took tons of photos of the show and will make sure I get my images on CD. I also met another performer who was producing a show Tuesday night and needed another dancer.

This means I spent part of last night doing "Everlong" at a different venue. The stage was decent, the lighting was good and there was plenty of room for patrons. I danced between bands.

Of course, it didn't go off without a hitch. I was there about a half hour before the producer. It took them a full minute to start my music once I arrived on stage. It seemed like there were eight people with professional cameras shooting photos and only one asked for permission to use the photos. At least I'll get a copy of them. I wasn't able to watch the bands. I left a stamped envelope for the producer to mail me my pay since I had to pick up Mr. Snapper from school. We'll see how profitable this venue was.


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