Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Free Photos!

At one of my monthly gigs, they have a very strict "no cameras" policy. Let's face it, no one wants really bad cell phone pictures of them dancing in their underwear landing on the internet. The producers of this show have several pre-recorded announcements in the pre-show warning the audience that there is no photography allowed. If they want photos with the dancers, they can ask the dancers to pose with them after the show.

Andrew is my personal photographer, but he doesn't take the camera to these shows. The shows at this venue have official "perverazzi," meaning guys who shoot professional quality photos and video who give copies of the photos to the dancers for their own promotional use. I was emailed this photo (along with several others) about a week after my last show at this venue from the talented Dan Hendricks. I got a cd of the same photos from him last night with one printed photo right before he shot pictures of a different number. I love that these guys select only the best photos for distribution. I also love mugging for the camera. Aren't I cute?

(That was the common thread from the show last night -- people telling me I'm so cute. It's like I've turned into the Doodlebug.)


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