Monday, February 11, 2008

High Hopes

Miss Exotic World is the ultimate burlesque competition. It takes place in beautiful Las Vegas the first weekend in June. My teacher told me to submit to dance at a before or after party this year. She said it would be good for my burlesque career.

I printed out my application and there's not just a place to submit for a before or after party. I'd have to submit for Best Debut. I mentioned to my teacher that I would just write-in on the application that I wanted to dance at a party since it would be my first year to submit. She was not happy with that. She insisted I submit for Best Debut. (To tell you the truth, it would be a career boost and a huge honor to dance in the debut portion of the Miss Exotic World show or one of the parties. I don't care where I'm needed; I just wanna dance.)

There are certain guidelines that must be followed for Best Debut and Miss Exotic World. I have to do a classic-flavored piece. I thought I'd just be able to take "Monkey Wrench." Nope. I have to mix some music so I have enough classic burlesque music at the beginning of my new number for it to be palatable to all the judges. I also have to choreograph something completely new and full of sparkles, since it is in Las Vegas. I started building a potential costume last night. The bodice is put together. Next I have to tackle the skirt and lining before rhinestoning. That's just the outer layer.

Did I mention that I have to have my application turned in with a video of the number by March 15th? Aaaaahhhh!

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