Saturday, February 02, 2008

Too Late

A friend from my last series of burlesque classes had a chef friend who was hosting a party tonight. It's a bit of a drive from my house. He was looking for a burlesque dancer so she passed me his email address. I figured he just needed one more dancer to round out a set. This was Wednesday evening.

I emailed him to ask for specifics, like what, where and how much. He asked me to phone him. I called him Thursday afternoon when I got off work. He didn't know much about burlesque but he wanted me to dance a 30 minute set. I explained that once the final reveal took place, there were no more surprises. Sure, I could do the final reveal in a few different outfits but the outcome would be the same. I also explained that I couldn't drag a four minute routine out and make it last 30 minutes because the audience would get bored. I did suggest getting four other dancers there to do one number each. I gave him a price (probably too low) and told him I'd do it if I could get out of another commitment and get four other dancers.

I started emailing everybody. (One producer in this town probably thinks I'm psychotic since I've sent a couple long, blabbering emails to her this week alone. We've never worked together so she doesn't know that I'm just blabbery.) I called one of my former teachers for her advice. She advised me on price and warned me that there were two huge burlesque shows going that night so there weren't many dancers who could be available. I wouldn't do the show alone (30 minutes), and I don't have the liability insurance to teach a class for 30 minutes at the venue.

At noon yesterday, I had one maybe-but-probably-not and one yes. There wasn't enough material to fill 30 minutes without yours truly being exhausted. I turned down the gig. Maybe if there was more lead time I could've gotten more people and it would've worked. Oh well.


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