Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I got Felicity two years ago yesterday. She's my Valentine's Day puppy. It's perfect because she's a pink little dog and she likes to eat candy hearts.

Andrew has film class tonight so we can't do an official Valentine's Day thing on Valentine's Day. We decided to celebrate last night. We went to the Arclight, had dinner there and watched There Will Be Blood. When he gets out of class this evening, we'll celebrate Thursday by watching "Lost."

Andrew also sneak-attacked me yesterday. He had a dozen roses sent to me at work. That was pretty crafty. But how can I sneak attack him back? He's with me all the time when I go places. I rarely have the car to myself. My office is near a taco stand, two coffee shops and a gas station. I guess I could buy him a surprise taco? That would be unexpected.


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