Monday, March 24, 2008


Andrew shot my video application for Miss Exotic World weekend on Friday night. My teacher and friend, Lux LaCroix, ordered me to enter the debut category on my application. I have my fingers crossed that I can dance at one of the weekend parties since this would be my first time going to the event. I spent quite some time making and embellishing the costume and rehearsing with my music. Of course, I don't feel that the number is done yet. There's more to be worked through to make it perfect for June. I'm doing the number next Monday and Thursday to work out some of the kinks in front of live audiences, then again on May 1st.

Since I emailed in my application, I had to upload my video part of the application to You Tube and paste the link onto my application. I didn't expect Andrew to post any tags on the thing since it is a work-in-progress. Between Saturday morning and today, there have been 168 viewings. It's been favorited four times. What?! What?!

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