Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And for my next project . . .

I've been so incredibly busy. I'm on the executive committee of a theatre company that is being formed. I'm also on the board of directors while we get all of our policies in place. I have four shows this month, all with very different burlesque acts. I also have to complete my submission for participation in Miss Exotic World in June (for a lower-level category for my first year -- not Miss EW). I've been building dresses and making costumes and trying to get everything done in a day before collapsing at night.

I was speaking with fellow burlesque dancer, Vixen Violette, about hemming one of my dresses. She told me about how she uses her dress form and I mentioned I didn't have a dress form but really needed to buy one. (Dress forms are $200 and up, so you can see why I haven't purchased one yet.) She told me she made a custom dress form . . . with duct tape! I found the link and have big plans to make my own dress form for under $25. While it's another project, it will make some of my other projects much easier to complete.


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