Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Before I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, I assumed the town would be ready to welcome me with open arms and put me right to work. I think this is a common assumption. When I got to Los Angeles, I found that this wasn't the way it worked. I was told I'd have to network so I could get agents and jobs from referrals. This networking thing sounded like I'd have to go to stupid gatherings and be phony just to get someone to give me a little help. I refused to do this. Instead, I started pursuing things I enjoyed and might meet people along the way. I've gotten a whopping two acting jobs from referrals, and I never got representation from networking.

I started studying burlesque last year in my pole class. I had so much fun that I sought out more education. I spent the last half of 2007 studying burlesque so I'd take off like a shot when I was ready. I started dancing for pay in January. I've met lots of wonderful people who would vouch for me. Strangers remember my name and ask when I'm performing again. Even better, people I've seen perform but haven't seen me are interested in booking me because the burlesque network is so good. It's no wonder that I've been putting so much energy into it!

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