Saturday, March 29, 2008

Puppet Groupie

Last Saturday I was a puppet groupie. Andrew had a marionette gig last Saturday. He goes to all of my shows, carrying my things, making sure I have a full bottle of water and any props I need. Usually his marionette gigs conflict with my dance classes or show rehearsals so I don't get to see them. This was my first chance to see him perform this style of puppetry.

I had so much fun. The marionettes (who shall remain nameless since I also post about burlesque dancing) "posed" with kids for digital photos. Then I helped backstage with the show. I'll have to watch the video of the show from the crowd. The day ended with about an hour and a half more of photos with the kids.

I have to brag about Andrew. He was just a hand puppeteer a year ago. He found a marionette job posted online, and now he's getting paid for his marionette work -- often more than I make for an evening of burlesque. He's very focused and professional and always interested in tackling new challenges. His next challenge is building a marionette for one of my burlesque numbers.


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