Friday, March 14, 2008

What a Girl Wants

I'm incredibly fortunate. Life's not perfect -- there's never enough time and/or money for everything. All of my activities and an unsatisfactory experience with an Asian chicken salad have planted me at home for the day. My weeks have been so packed that I'm drained, and I have more activities every day until next Friday. (Of course, they are activities of my own choosing.)

But I remind myself that I am truly blessed. I may be home but I have Felicity sleeping on my feet and the kind of job where I can make at least a little money working from home when I'm under the weather. I'm making money as a dancer and I'm meeting more people and booking more gigs as time goes by. I also have the huge advantage of Andrew. He's very supportive and does whatever he can to help me get my stuff done.

In fact, he's so awesome that he built the prop highlight of my act for last night's Victory Variety Hour. I danced to a certain Monty Python song in celebration of men. I had a very curious-looking Jack-in-the-box rig that Andrew designed and built from my blabbered ideas. He also built eight talking swimmer puppets (seen in the photo) that he operated during my number. The crowd went wild when the puppets first popped up, and they cheered when the puppets returned. His timing was impeccable. You can see him looking thuggish behind the puppet stage in this photo.

It's this kind of guy that my friends are searching for. I'm pretty lucky.

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