Friday, April 25, 2008

Being a Performer

I've always been a performer. I have fun entertaining people. My main concern is that the audience is enjoying the experience. This is covered in a few recent performer interviews on The Burlesque Podcast. My thought is that if the audience isn't enjoying it, there might as well be no audience; then the whole thing becomes pointless.

Last night I performed at Club Schmutzig with Cherry Kiss Burlesque (ladies from Kubrilesque). The show was at El Cid. I've danced there before, and I know that the stage is hardwood and slick. I also know that we have bubble machines in the number. I was going to wear ballet slippers over my padded foot fishnets but I abandoned them at the last minute so I'd match the other girls.

There's a point in the number where I have to run to the back of a line for the next bit of choreography. I'm used to more people on the stage and in the line so I get a nice trot going so I can reach the back of the line. Last night I started my trot and slipped. I managed to skin my knees on my fishnets before getting up and finishing the number. I wasn't anxious about the fall or too injured to continue. I was actually more worried about the audience. I hoped that my slip didn't ruin the number for anyone. I don't know that anyone really noticed.


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