Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh Yes She Did!

Last night Andrew and I went to a burlesque show at a very nice club in Los Angeles. We've been there once before and we like the ambiance. We showed up a bit early so we were sure to get a seat where we could both see the stage since the seating is a little strange. We knew people in the show, and I will be performing at this venue later in the year.

Andrew and I make it a habit to patronize shows even when I'm not performing. Last night was the second time I was "off duty" that I was pulled onstage to dance for the audience. We usually plan ahead and take enough cash for a couple of drinks and tips for the bartender. If we order food, we usually just use plastic because it's more of a spur of the moment thing than a planned thing.

Last night we got a seat and as I was about to head to the bar, a waitress came to our table. We each ordered a drink and Andrew paid her in cash for the drinks. The show hadn't yet started and I was being a social butterfly. She came back to check on us before the show and we asked for a menu. We ordered some spring rolls and one more drink. She brought the drink and the check. Andrew gave her plastic. She asked if we wanted to keep the card open for additional drinks and we said no. (I'm very suspicious of leaving things open. I don't want someone else's drinks winding up on my tab. Besides, we could always place another order, give her plastic again or pay for a second drink with our remaining cash, still having enough for a 20% tip.) She brought us the slip to sign, and she dropped off our spring rolls when she grabbed the slip, promising to bring us napkins later. At this point, the show was about to begin and we hadn't touched our food yet. We weren't planning on leaving the booth until the evening was over, and we were going to leave a cash tip at that time.

So this chick stands at the table next to us moments later, no napkins in hand, asking if there was problem with the service because she visited our table three times and we still hadn't tipped her. We'd been there for about 40 minutes and the show was about to begin, the show being the thing we drove there to see. We said no and she stormed away. A dancer friend who was sitting with us knows the manager and she later complained. We were in disbelief for the first two acts that she actually said that to us. Andrew left her a $1 tip and a note that she screwed up her own tip with her attitude and that we were planning on leaving her more when we were done for the evening until she went and acted like a bitch. Then he went to the bar and bought me another Shirley Temple, tipping the barmaid $4 on a $2 drink.

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