Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Double Life

I live a double life. Actually, I just have two jobs (that pay regularly). A few nights a month, I earn my money as burlesque dancer. I cover myself in body glitter, put spirit gum on my tender parts and slather on the eyelash glue to keep on the false lashes. I wind up with tangled hair from whatever style I don. I get a good shower in before I dance, but I get really sweaty (and sometimes sugar-coated) when I perform.

After a performance, I spend a good chunk of time visiting with people. That puts me home really late. I peel off the lashes and wash my face, leaving accidental traces of eyeliner mixed with glue around my eyes. I take a washcloth to any sweetened parts. I take down my hairdo and run a brush through my hair before rubbing lavender oil into my spirit gummed areas and hitting the sack. Last night I was lucky to get five and a half hours sleep before having to get up for the day job.

My day job is in an office. I'm supposed to look professional. The day after a show, I come in unshowered with my hair in the simplest hairdo I can muster. I have remains of body glitter that rub off onto my work clothes and sometimes shine through. I still have the remains of eyeliner and glue that have been touched up with a little more mascara. My tender parts are a bit itchy from the spirit gum remains but at least they aren't crusty. I have bags under my eyes that have been cleverly covered by concealer. I operate like a zombie all day, working without thinking, being sure not to do any tasks that require thought. What's scary is that I'm actually getting good at it.

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