Saturday, May 03, 2008

Long, Beautiful Hair

In the photo below, you'll notice how wonderful my hair looks in what I now call my Stepford wife number. Penny Starr, Jr., one of my instructors in my continuing education, recommended I make my hair a little bigger. The opportunity presented itself so I could do just that.

Last weekend when I spent my day being a puppet groupie, I noticed a little kiosk in the mall that had wigs and hair pieces. The gal offered to help me but I told her I wanted to see if they had something that interested me before I got help. I found these clips with beautiful fake hair extensions. One of my other instructors swears by extensions like these so much so that you don't know the real length of her hair. Anyway, I told the girl I liked the length but she'd have to match my color for me to buy it. (My hair is strawberry blonde with random streaks of platinum, dirty blonde, copper and light brown. It's almost impossible to match. My grandmother can attest to that since she's been trying to dye her hair my color for about 15 years.)

The girl disappeared for a minute and came back with a perfect match. I couldn't believe how perfect the match was. I've performed in the hair twice since and people think it's real. Amazing!

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