Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More From My Little Graduation

I like trained dancers. I don't mind training them myself, but I like them to know how to move their bodies on their own and create their own style. We're doing a show through Theatre Unleashed this fall about burlesque dancers in the 1940s. I want trained dancers who can solo. And I like people to join in when I do fun things. That's why I urged some of my theatre friends to take class with me.

In this photo, you can see me chatting with Lauren, one of my dancers from Midsummer last year. You can see Katie's bun and arm just behind Lauren. Katie was also one of my dancers from Midsummer and she's coming into her own as a burlesque soloist. She made a fantastic debut at the Theatre Unleashed intro show. (Proud!) Both of them are returning for round two of the Striptease Symposium. (Round two will have an official graduation performance at some venue, and the girls will get to have a final reveal!)

This photo is just me going wild in a sea of gloves. There are two things I'd like to mention here. First, I got a prize for Best Worship one summer when I went to vacation Bible school with my cousin . . . seriously. Second, I lost a right glove to another student in a prior class. I wound up with two left gloves. That was in a class of six people. This class had about fifteen. The day we got our gloves, I took mine home and put a rhinestone inside the cuff of each. When we'd have to dig through the piles of gloves during class, I'd always have a right and a left glove because I "labeled" mine.

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