Sunday, May 25, 2008

My First Karaoke Experience

Last night was a friend's birthday party at a bar that has karaoke. This friend gets very excited about rock band and guitar hero -- things that require participation. Since I'm not a fan of video games made after 1990, I thought we should play along with him in a way I could confront.

The place we went had a huge song list. I did "Dyer Makr" by Led Zeppelin -- my first time to do it without a live band. I've heard people do karaoke before, singing flat and having a hard time keeping up with the lyrics. I've heard the excuses that the music was in the wrong key or the tempo was strange. I thought to myself, 'They just can't sing.' Well, last night I found out for myself that it is strange. Was the music in the wrong key? Was the tempo off? I didn't totally suck it but I'm glad no one was paying to hear me sing. When I was on the stage, I found the mike was too soft and the music was too loud. Same thing in the audience. Maybe they keep the music loud to drown out the bad singers, but it's not helpful to a rock diva/musical theatre wench.

Oh, and the $61 it cost for mediocre food and a few drinks left me with a bad karaoke aftertaste.


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