Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pin-Up Girls and Pin Curls

As I'm sure I've mentioned, Andrew is writing and directing the fall show for Theatre Unleashed. Pin-Up Girls is about World War II burlesque dancers. The idea for the show was born years before I started studying burlesque. This is our first time to produce one of his full-length plays with the support system of a group. We're trying to do everything right, and we're learning lots as we work on pre-production for the other Theatre Unleashed shows.

We booked a theatre in North Hollywood for the show this fall, and the theatre manager is the kindest we've ever met. She's actually interested in making theatre. Anyway, she announced to our artistic director today that the NoHo Arts District is supplying valet parking for area shows for free. In addition, the valet company is having the staff dress in appropriate themes for the shows they're parking. She told us we would have women dressed as pin-up girls parking audience cars . . . for free. How awesome is that?

I got a book of 1940s hairstyles from Amazon over the weekend. Last night I had a girls night with Miss Josie Bunnie and Olivia D'Helion. We tried out heads full of pin curls with our varied hair lengths. We all accessorized with fabulous rhinestone hair flowers. I think we're going to try the pin curls again now that we stumbled through it once.

While our hair was still drying, we opened a Kevyn Aucoin makeup book and tried making ourselves look as classic as possible. I think we look pretty damn incredible!

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