Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Das Hootenany

Monday we had the incredible fortune to jam with Weezer. Yes, I said jam with Weezer. I found out on Myspace last week that they were having a little get together with Los Angeles fans this week, doing audio and video of the event to release to the public. They wanted people who could play an instrument that they could carry. While I own three guitars, I haven't picked up one of them to play since last year, I think. Besides, I feel anxious when I have to play with people who are better than me because they're usually way better than me and I can't keep up. (This is what I like to call the Guitar Center Feeling. It's the feeling I get when I go into Guitar Center and want to try out one of the electric guitars but there's some out of work and thus well-rehearsed musician wailing away loudly on the largest amp in the place, maybe hoping to be discovered by some record executive. I, meanwhile, just want to quietly hear my strumming in a small amp so I know if the tone of the guitar works for me. It's the Guitar Center Feeling that has prevented me from getting my grubby paws on a John Mayer Signature Series Fender guitar.)

Back to the story. Andrew can pick up and play any instrument with varying degrees of skill, so I told him to submit with his mandolin. (I figured he'd be more likely to get in if he didn't enter with his guitar because everyone has a guitar.) We found out Friday that he got in, and I would be his plus one. (He's in the photo labeled "Me" since I jacked this from his Myspace.)

We spent Monday afternoon with about 248 other Weezer fans jamming with the band. I was in a Weezer vortex -- Brian five feet to my right, Pat eight feet behind me, Scott fifteen feet to my left and Rivers twentyish feet in front of me. I was about ten feet from Andrew. We played along to a bunch of songs, him on mandolin and me on my zills. It was so much fun! I'm so fortunate.

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