Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Trip to Miss Exotic World: Favorite Things

This was my first year to go to Miss Exotic World. I didn't get into any of the shows, but I enjoyed the entire experience (except the issues with the Palms hotel). I saw so many incredible performances and met so many neat people. I decided to list out a few of my favorite things.
  • My absolute favorite part of the experience was participating in Saturday's Pin-Up Safari. As a model and weekend pass holder ($150 for the pass this year), I got to go for free. We got to pose in some fabulous environments for oodles of photos, much like an old-timey camera club. This is one of the photos shot by my buddy Chris Beyond.
  • I loved seeing the burlesque legends perform. These chicks are still kickin' it. I hope that when I'm sixty, seventy and eighty I'm still dancing in my frilly knickers and having fun doing it.
  • We went to Fantastic Swap Meet where there was an amazing wig shop. I usually just go with my own hair when I perform, but I've gotten fake hair in the past three months to enhance my look. I needed a wig for my Pulp Fiction number with Andrew next month so I got the perfect fake hair at this wig shop for a really good price. (Note: In the photo here, I only used four bobby pins to attach the wig to my head. It was late and I did a sloppy job so you can see some of my real hair beneath the wig. With me is Olivia D'Helion.)
  • The Burlesque Bazaar at the Palms was very cool. I picked up a couple dance DVDs, some beautiful hair flowers, a couple t-shirts, and a pencil skirt. I also provided all the harassment that my friends at the Burlesque Podcast booth could stand.
  • Doubling my monkey at Gold Coast was pretty cool. (There's a penny slot machine called "Twice Your Monkey.") I only spent about $7 on slot machines. I doubled my monkey once and made a couple bucks.
  • Seeing two of my teachers get trophies was fantastic. I cried. Lux LaCroix got First Runner-Up in the Miss Exotic World competition. Jewel of Denial and Kat Bardot won Best Duo. I'm so proud of them!
  • Partying (and drinking water or Shirley Temples), hanging out with friends and networking was fantastic. I met so many neat people and had such a blast with my peeps.
The Palms was not the hotel for me. The performance venues generally did not match up with the needs and wants of the crowd or performers. Drinks were overpriced. I dislike the type of clientele they seemed to serve. However, I still had an incredible time and would encourage any dance enthusiast to attend next year.

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